CultWorthy: For Your Head

You’ve seen a celebrity rocking a trendy hat on the cover of a tabloid, yet when you try one on yourself you wind up looking like an un-cool version of Indiana Jones.

The truth is it takes a confident individual to pull off a good hat, and we give mad respect to Toronto based brand Coup de Tête for creating one of a kind pieces to match one’s individual personality.

Tell us the story behind Coup de Tête and what you stand for.

Coup de Tête was created with a pretty simple idea. Ryan and I were tired of busting our ass for other peoples dreams. I loved making hats and Ryan wanted to start making bags. Our game plan from the beginning was to make the best quality and most unique products we could using our hands. The only other goal was to stick to our craft and not answer to anyone but ourselves at the end of the day.

Over the past two years we have honed our crafts and continued to push the ideals of being a maker. We don’t have aspirations to be in stores all over the world or to mass produce our products. We make each piece for the wants and needs of our clients. We want to be a destination for those who can’t find what they are looking for. If you can dream it up, we will figure out how to make it.

What is your best selling CultWorthy piece?

Currently we get requests for the first Jack Greystone piece we created at least once a week. Every piece we make is guaranteed one of a kind so it’s a lot of broken hearts when we tell folks we won’t recreate it.

hats-leather-leatherware-coupdetete-customDo you believe everyone can pull off a hat?

Everyone can be a hat person. It just takes the right look, size, and proportions. Before starting Coup de Tete I worked in a hat shop and changed a lot of peoples minds about them “not being a hat person.”

How long does the design and build process take you?

Making a hat can take between 1-3 weeks depending on how detailed the piece is. Everything is done by hand so it takes time. The payoff is a piece to last a lifetime.

What are the new etiquette rules around wearing hats? (ie. Do you have to remove at meals)?

The rules around hats have definitely changed. I often wear hats indoors but never at the dinner table. My business partner is old school and doesn’t wear his hats indoors. I think it comes down to your discretion. Rock your hat where it makes sense but don’t be a dick about it.

Tell us one famous person – living or dead – whose hat or leather game you most admire?

Johnny Depp knows how to rock a hat. We often get pictures of him as reference. Depp has always been a man who’s aesthetic I’ve admired and one of these days we will get him in a CDT.

hat-leather-custom hats-custom

Tell us about a design (or business/product) idea that sucked.

I have been working on a straw flat cap for about a year now. It sucks. The way I see it in my head doesn’t translate well onto the materials I want to use. It’s one of those projects I pick up every couple months and redesign, re work and try again. Haven’t got it yet, still sucks. One day though.

If someone has $99, what should they spend it on.

A makers course. There are so many great makers out there who subsidize their rent with sharing their knowledge and talent. Being able to make something for yourself is a feeling unlike anything else. I grew up on a farm working with my hands so it’s in my blood. Not a lot of people get the chance to create something from start to finish.

hats-leather-leatherware-coupdetete-customWhat other handmade pieces/brands are you into wearing?

We are big fans of our pals down the road 18waits, RMTCo, and Viapiana Custom Denim . Each of these brands are so well made have an incredible attention to detail. We also all get together to discuss the industry and always take time to help each other out where we can. Birds of a feather we fly together.

Tell us what is next for Coup de Tête.

We are in the process of acquiring a new HQ. A new larger space will allow us to expand in our ambition and product line. Number one on the list is boots. Stay tuned for Coup de Tete taking care of you from head to toe.

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Coup de Tête is offering Notable readers a $50 off credit towards any custom hat. Mention Notable Life to redeem prior to December 31, 2017.