CultWorthy: For the Edgy Crop Top Lovers

Parts+Labor is a Calgary based lifestyle brand that is truly fueled with a desire to inspire and instill confidence in our communities.

P+L has been created as a catalyst in the discovery of strength, courage, self worth, beauty, tribe, community, heart + universal LOVE.

parts+labour-style-fashion-trendTell us the story behind Parts+Labor.

The ‘Parts’; the tangibles, unique tactile things that convey a message, express individuality + allow us to share our big beautiful story through clothing + accessories.  An athleisure collection [fabrics sourced from LA, production, print + embroidery done in YYC] vintage goods + leather goods.

The ‘Labor’ literally representing the work; the experiences, the grit, the pure hot hustle.  The effort that is in honouring the things that make your heart race + make you scream HECK YES, or the things that make your soul ache + your body yearn for love + healing.

Collection No01 [HEART-WORK]
Our first collection [heart-work] was designed to LOVE-on the work.  To be a catalyst for positivity, to install confidence from the heart + cultivate creativity for what you rock, from the inside – out.  We wanted to bring awareness to limitless possibility, acceptance + healing, and finding love + gratitude in it all.  Revelling in the dark + the light, the wins + the loses, the dirty + the sparkly.  When you can get up from the fall + realize that the dirt on your hands + the ache in your heart can be the catalyst to something bigger + more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

What is your best selling CultWorthy item?
Our WILD feminist pieces were a sell out right away … a close second is any of our eye pieces … the scuba bomber + our clutches!


Tell me about a design (or business/product) idea that sucked.
While I was working thru my patterns/sampling of Heart-Work I had a genius idea of creating a 5 panel pair of drop crotch joggers in scuba fabric. WOW. The sample came back + they looked like michelin man bubble pants….literally like I had blown air into my pants… Needless to say, we scrapped that + still plan on releasing this style, but working on sourcing a better fabric option 😉

How would you describe your own personal style?
Feminine bad ass. I like to mix in a little something unexpected, always.

parts+labour-style-fashion-trendWhich Celebrity you would love to see rocking Parts+Labor?
Sophia Bush, Taryn Toomey, the SOUL founders. Women with crazy talent + a bold, positive voice in everything they do.

What is the best of business advice you’ve received?
What’s the BEST that can happen.

If someone has $99, what should they spend it on (aside from your clothes)?
2 really good cups of coffee, a yummy bottle of wine + a yoga/movement class package good for you + your bestie. Coffee, yoga, wine?! Yes please.

Tell us what is next for Parts+Labor.
Jewels! We’re working with a goldsmith to create a small collection of jewellery, all one of a kind, in solid gold + silver. This collection will launch with our Vintage Collection No.02 at the end of November!

The Amour Edition! We are launching a capsule early 2019 that will be numbered, limited edition jackets, 4 color ways, approx 20 of each. We’ve sourced some incredible custom fabric from France + we’re ringing in 2019 by telling our story, this time with a smidge of french.

We are continuing to work with studios in Calgary as well as aiming to move across Canada to support + collaborate with rad communities to celebrate our amazing bods thru movement. Coming together to create strength + share in spreading a mega BIG message of love, empowerment + positivity.


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