Cultworthy: For the Crystal Lover

Liana Louzon, the founder of Rocking Vibe, is one of those wunderkinds who’s struck gold in her career not once but twice.

Born in Russia and immigrating to Canada as a child, she became highly interested in making jewelry while going through the difficult transition of settling in a new country. To her, creating jewellery became a “safe space”. She went on to successfully developed a career in photography, shooting for Reebok, Lululemon and Good Life but later found herself drawn back to the art of jewelry making in 2014. After the first successful sale of a piece she designed she decided to launch her own business. We sit down with her to chat about how Rocking Vibe got its start, and advice for crystal “novices”.

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  • What is the story behind Rocking Vibe?
    Rocking Vibe evolved from a persistent hobby that has been in my life since I was a little girl. I immigrated to Canada when I was 14 and jewelry making quickly became my favourite pastime as I found my way around a new culture. Creating with crystals remained a hobby until I became a mother and decided that I wanted to empower the community my children are growing up in. One day I decided to share my passion for jewelry making with the world and it became a vessel for me to lead by example and speak my truth.
  • What’s the most important lesson your mother (a two-time Olympic champion) taught you?
    She taught me that everything that I want in life is within my reach. I just have to keep going and never stop. Things take time and work but goals are there for a reason. She wired me to play big and to believe in my own power.
  • Where do you get inspiration for your collections?
    All of my pieces and collections evolve on their own timeline as inspiration strikes, and I draw inspiration from so many different forms: people, places, and experiences. For me the jewelry I create is the nonverbal expression of my life. I don’t do seasonal launches, or follow trends and I find that most often I create to fill a need.  For example, if there is an instance in which I need to bring a specific crystal with me but I don’t have a piece that goes well with my attire, I resolve this problem by designing a piece.
  • Why are crystals such an integral part of your designs?
    I have ALWAYS been drawn to crystals and although I can’t point to the reason why I feel content when I hold them, it is almost like oxygen to me. I am beyond drawn to them and it feels so natural for me to create my designs using stones and crystals. I think the reason I became a jewelry designer provided an excuse to hold them all the time.
  • What is your best selling piece and why?
    My best selling piece is INFERNO – I think it’s because it creates an empowering energy that can’t be ignored and is even felt through an image. Two months after launching ROCKING VIBE I found out I was pregnant with my third child. It was unexpected and there was some uncertainty regarding the future of Rocking Vibe. I designed INFERNO to represent the fearless passion that burns within. I wanted it to inspire the wearer to embrace their inner power as they trail-blaze their own path. I have received so many messages from customers who chose INFERNO to be their strength piece as they embraced labour, new beginnings, or closing a chapter in their lives.
  • What is the biggest misconception about crystals?
    That you need to understand how they work. You don’t! They have energy like everything else in life and, just like people, some just make you feel good. Nikola Tesla puts it into words quite eloquently “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
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What advice do you have for someone who is curious to learn more about the benefits of crystals but might not know where to start?
Life is short – buy your first crystal! When you set out to do so, make sure you use your intuition. Go online or into a store and browse until something jumps out at you and ignites a desire to bring it into your life.  I think people overthink this task. It’s like choosing friends. You don’t go looking for a friend with a checklist of what they can offer to your life. You pick the ones that make you feel good, you like having around, make you laugh, and understand you. In other words, we naturally choose people that vibrate on a compatible frequency as ourselves and choosing crystals should be approached in the same, organic process.

  • If someone had $99 what should they spend it on (other than your products)?
    I would suggest a journal (my fave is the 5 minute gratitude journal) – handwriting is such a powerful tool to unlocking your mind! Next I would grab a playlist that makes me feel happy because music and sound can raise your vibration and uplift your mood.  Then use the remainder to contribute to a cause you are passionate about – standing up for what you believe in is a powerful way to elevate the human race.