CultWorthy- For Fun Feet

Within the past decade there has been an emergence of people doing away with the traditional black socks in favour of fun socks. Men pairing bizarre colours and patterns with their suits on a daily basis because the basic black suit has become quite dull and mundane.

We stumbled upon Friday Sock Co. on Instagram when their Taco Tuesday socks caught our eye. We love how each pair of socks is mismatched, but is appropriately themed. Go to Notable’s Instagram to win the socks (along with some of our other CultWorthy items), they make great stocking stuffers!

What is the story behind Friday Sock Co and what do you stand for?
The big meaning behind the brand has a lot to do with the actual day, Friday. I feel like people start relaxing on Friday as it’s kind of the unofficial first day of the weekend. It’s also the perfect day to mismatch your socks! It can be a subtle way to thumb your nose at a stuffy corporate culture, or it can simply be a celebration of your creativity heading into the weekend. It’s now evolved into a saying I’ve put on the spine of every Friday Sock Co. tag, “Make every day a Friday.” It’s an insignificant saying, but I also think it’s also pretty profound. After all, how great would life be if every day was like a Friday? We also find a lot of meaning in being a socially conscious company. This year we were able to help support Kidsport, Cause Canada, The Mustard Seed, Calgary Drop in Centre, Ronald Mcdonald House, and a number of other non-profits through contributing product to silent auctions etc.

What is your best selling CultWorthy pair of socks?
My best seller is probably bacon & eggs. Out of my new designs (so far) the fox and raccoons have taken the number one spot. It’s always interesting to see what people respond to.

socks-feet-fun socks-fancy feetPhoto Credit- Substance YYC

We love how your socks are designed to be mismatched, how did you think of that?
It just came to me while I was eating a bowl of cereal. I’ve always liked the idea of symbiotic relationships, as well as things that generally go together, but are different. I think it’s kind of a bigger picture outlook on how I see us as individuals. We’re all the same, but different. Plus… I was the sock guy in the office and thought it would be cool to mismatch my socks. I’m a bit of a rebel…

We picture your creative meetings to be hilarious, with people throwing bizarre ideas out there, are they?
I wouldn’t say we have creative meetings per se, but that every day life has turned into one giant creative meeting. My wife and I are both creative entrepreneurs so we’re just constantly throwing stuff at each other (figuratively of course). Some ideas are ridiculous, some are good, but we laugh at them all. I also get a lot of creative ideas for sock designs from people who request certain themes. I keep a running list.

If the saying goes “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”- what would it be for feet?
Um… I suppose it would be “Don’t trip on the feet that walk you?”

socks-feet-fun socks-fancy feetPhoto Credit- Lindsay Skeans Photography

You make custom socks too, have you had any bizarre requests?
Yes, definitely a few! It comes from a good place, but clients will sometimes want something very specific that would be very difficult to knit on a sock. Like a chicken wing for example. It can be done, but it would be pretty difficult to have it actually look like a chicken wing (no offence to any chicken wing sock designers out there. If you pulled it off, congrats). We’ll typically get together and figure out how their idea could work. Most of the time you can substitute something to keep the theme and intention of the design. It’s always a challenge, but it’s a good challenge.

Tell me about a design (or business/product) idea that sucked.
Oh man. There’s a quote I really like, “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.” There are a ton of ideas I’ve jotted down that probably suck big time, but then again, maybe none of them do! Anyway, I’ll save myself the embarrassment by sparing you any of the details. Let’s just pretend all my ideas are rock solid.

If someone has $99, what should they spend it on (other than socks)!
That’s a tough one! I guess they should spend it on whatever makes their soul happy. If they are soulless, then they should give it to a charity. That’s a win/win.

socks-feet-fun socks-fancy feetAdam Thompson, Founder & CEO of Friday Sock Co. Photo Credit- Lindsay Skeans Photography

What other Canadian companies you like to wear?
I support local as much as I can and thankfully there are a lot of great clothing companies here in Canada. I have a few awesome shirts from Whiteout Workshop in Edmonton, a super comfy shirt from Buttercream Clothing, a new one that I love by Salgado Fenwick (It’s a cat knocking over a plant). Now that I think of it my whole closet is basically Canadian made or Canadian designed clothing. We’re super lucky that this country has so many talented creatives.

Tell us what is next for Friday Sock Co.
I’ve just added 35 new designs to my line-up and launched our kid socks collection this past September (Our kid socks come 3 to a pair which I think is really fun). In addition to this I am planning for an expansion in the spring which will include even more new designs, an ankle sock collection, an athletic collection, as well as a super premium mercerized cotton line. I’m always kicking around ideas, but I want to stick with socks for now and watch the business grow and mature. We’re also heading back to Italy in January to visit our production partners and to work on developing our product into next year and beyond.

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