Create the Inspiration Around You

In this competitive, fast-paced world, everyone is striving for something these days. We all have goals, no matter how big or small. Thinking about what goals you have in front of you right now; what are you doing to create the inspiration around you? So often, we think about the goal itself and what we are doing to make it happen. Of course, the role you play is the most important part, but you’re more likely to succeed when you create an environment of inspiration around yourself. Sometimes, that road is longer than we anticipate and filled with unexpected twists. And sometimes, it simply helps to have extra positive influences around us when tackling something new. In an effort to keep on track no matter what the path, having inspiration in your life is absolutely essential to keep moving forward. 

Whatever your goal may be, one of the easiest things you can do is find someone else who inspires you. Find that person who’s been in your shoes, who’s accomplished what you’ve set out to do, who’s living the life you’re trying to create. When you have that example and role model to look up to, you’ll always be reminded that everything you’re striving for is possible. This person can be someone you don’t personally know (ie. maybe it’s someone you read about in a magazine article or saw on television), or it might be a close friend or family member. The only thing that matters is that this person is significant to you and will keep you going as you face life’s challenges. It always helps knowing that someone else has been there and gotten through it. 

The people that surround you in your day to day life will also have a significant impact on your mindset as their words and influences can shape how you feel, think and therefore act. Whatever you are pursuing, you’ll have the best chance at succeeding when you allow only positive, supportive people in your corner. Build a support system around you by telling those who will cheer you on about your goals. There will always be people out there who will not believe in you, who will be envious or think you’re crazy; don’t waste your energy on trying to convince these people otherwise or allowing them to question your abilities. Find those who will support you and confide in them; forget about the ones who won’t.

In creating this environment of inspiration around you, one of the most important things you can do is stay open-minded. Inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere. It’s great to be focused and know where you’re going, but don’t have your nose to the grindstone so much that you could potentially miss an opportunity right in front of you. Pay attention to your surroundings and reach out to someone unexpected – sometimes, it’s the completely random connections that can lead you where you want to be. 

Lastly, and the absolute biggest thing you can do to stay inspired, is to dream big. Believe in the impossible and challenge yourself to do the thing that you’ve been dreaming of. You are your biggest cheerleader and your thoughts are the ones that count the most. You will never know what your true potential is until you try. Have faith, and believe in yourself enough to know that you can do it. Mind over matter. Visualize success and all that it has to offer.