Why Would Crayola Eliminate Such a Happy Colour?

Dandelion yellow is the colour of so many wonderful things: sunshine, spring tulips, golden retriever puppies, lemonade, and rubber duckies to name a few.

Crayola recently weeded out Dandelion Yellow for reasons that remain unknown. The crayon announced his retirement yesterday, himself. It seems strange for them to knock out such a shade of happiness, but Jimmy Fallon had a hoot naming some new potential replacement colours. Here are some Dandelion Yellow things we may be better off without our children drawing, anyway:

Patches of Trump’s quaff

We’ve all had enough of that guy. His presence seems ubiquitous and we don’t need the colour of his quaff-sheen showing up in children’s art.

Cheap sauvignon blanc

Hopefully a child will no longer capture and expose mommy’s private after work time with a Tammy Taylor serving of Two Ocean’s.

New York Taxis

They’re a thing of the past. Car share apps bring cars of different colours and your child knew this before you did anyway.


If a child is drawing jaundice… I’m sorry. Hopefully the occurrence of this artistic choice is mitigated.

Faded mustard stain

Your child will now hopefully refrain from including your partner’s faded mustard stain on his or her shirt when drawing a family outing to a ball game. However the chances of him or her reaching for the primary yellow as a replacement is high. I’m sorry for that too.

Smoker’s teeth

Hopefully this means a child’s art will have taken a big ol’ trip to the dentist, if they had been drawing teeth with Dandelion Yellow up to this point. Again, moving to primary yellow as opposed to white could be problematic.

Dog urine stain on the white rug you should have never purchased

White carpets are a terrible idea. Your dog will pee on it. But, hopefully, your kid isn’t going to draw it now.