These Are the Countries Canada Loves (and Dislikes) the Most

Canadians generally love everyone, but there are some we adore more than others.

Looking to shed some light on the matter, Angus Reid recently conducted a study that reveals which countries Canadians view most favourably. Actually, the study was specifically designed to gauge our adoration of the United States. Ten other counties (representing Canada’s nine largest single-nation trading partners) were also judged.

So, how do we feel about our neighbours to the south? Not so good, it seems. According to the study, only 49% of Canadians have a favourable view of the United States. That’s fourth bottom from the list, with only India, China, and Saudi Arabia scoring lower in our home and native hearts.

In contrast, 81% of Canadians viewed the U.S. favourable in 1995. The last time more than 70% of Canadians had an agreeable opinion of America was in the early 2000s.

So, who do we love? That honour goes to the United Kingdom, which 82% of Canadians view favourably. Italy finished a close second, capturing 81% of Canada’s warm feels. Japan, Germany, and France round out the top five, respectively.

Imagine that – three Axis Powers way ahead of our continental brothers and sisters. What could be the reason?

“Canadians’ wavering faith in the U.S. comes at a time when many are feeling disappointed by the new U.S. Canada Mexico Agreement (USMCA) and frustrated with the actions of U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration,” reads the study.

Makes sense. You can read the full results here.