Coronavirus forces Tim Hortons to digitize ‘Roll Up The Rim’

After postponing our annual Notable Awards, coronavirus has disrupted the next-most anticipated event of spring: Tim Hortons’ Roll Up The Rim. RUTR is set to kick off this Wednesday, March 11th.

The company says “the current public health environment” has signalled that it is “not the right time for team members…to collect rolled up tabs that have been in people’s mouths.” That’s probably true for literally all the time. And while Tim Hortons didn’t cite coronavirus (COVID-19), the only other concerning current public health environment is that the Leafs suck right when it matters.

The timing is not ideal for Tim Hortons, which has gone years without good news. The company’s image is shot, sales are down, and now so are the rims.

Fans of Tims’ annual rim-rolling extravaganza can find some consolation that it isn’t cancelled entirely. Most of the contest will take place in the Tim Hortons app. Which makes you wonder: is it all a ploy!?

No, it is probably not a ploy. Other major chains – including Starbucks and McDonald’s – have also enacted measures that limit their employees’ exposure to germs. They include no longer accepting reusable coffee mugs and putting up signs informing customers of increased health risks.

As of writing, there are 62 cases of coronavirus in Canada (31 in Ontario).