Cool Career Alert: Calgary Now Has a Masters of Landscape Architecture

Sometimes it’s hard to justify pursuing your passion when you can’t formulate how you’ll actually make a living or pay the bills in that profession.

But the University of Calgary’s brand new program might be exactly what you need to purse your dream job. 

The EVDS Faculty has just been given the green light to launch the Masters of Landscape Architecture degree program, and they’re currently accepting applications (through March 15th) with classes beginning in September of 2015.


If talk about ‘sustainability’ and city green spaces gets you excited, here’s a program that will create opportunities for you in architecture, urban design, and city planning, just to name a few.

With the introduction of this new graduate program, this will be the first of its kind to open across the country in the last 35 years and the only one located between Manitoba and British Columbia.

Inspired by our city and province’s continuing boom in population and need for ever-expanding infrastructure, the faculty is hoping that graduates from this program will put their knowledge of landscape, sustainability, and urban studies to good use to add vibrancy to new and existing neighbourhoods and communities in Calgary. 

Taking roughly three years of studies to complete, the courses will cover the foundations of landscape architecture followed by two years of graduate studies. With a series of classes ranging from environmentalism, studio work, land use, and technology, students will further enhance their skill sets by participating in hands-on projects.

With major plans to develop the East Village, replace two city bridges, build a brand new downtown library, and start developing a new LRT line included in the 2015-2018 City of Calgary Action Plan, this might be the perfect time to go back to school and put that green thumb to use. 

Encouraging graduates with a wide variety of educational backgrounds to apply, the fall intake will include a limited number of seats. For more details on the application process you can visit the EVDS homepage.


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Calgary Downtown campus photo –; Landscape Calgary –; Calgary Downtown bridge – Duncan Marks Photography