ContactMonkey Launches Email Tracking Plugin

It’s 7:30am, your coffee piping hot, computer fired up and ready to help you start your day. Before you get into your day of kicking butt and taking names, what’s the first thing on your agenda? Tracking the whereabouts of that new iPhone 5 you bought on Friday afternoon? Bingo. You take the tracking number, paste it into the respective delivery service’s site and continuously press F5 until the joyous moment when the delivery person shows up asking for your John Hancock.

So, being the driven professional that you are, what would you do if you found out that there was a service that could track your emails as you sent them? I am not talking about the standard read/receipt that already exists, I am talking real-time tracking; being able to know the where, when, and what for every email that goes out. 

Toronto-based startup ContactMonkey thinks they have the solution for this query and they call it “Bridge.” Bridge is like the MailChimp for Gmail and Outlook, bringing mass-email marketing functionality right to the individual user 

So how does Bridge work? Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin in Gmail or Outlook, Bridge embeds an invisible image with a unique address to track each message sent out. When your recipient opens a tracked e-mail, Bridge identifies how many times it was opened, on what device and in which city. Then, in real time, it pushes this data back to you, subtly accessible at any time in your sent mail folder. 

I’ve been using Bridge for a few weeks now and find my inner Dick Tracey eyeing the side ticker like it’s part of my job.

As for pricing, Bridge comes with a 14-day free trial, then has a $4.99/month subscription fee attached; for every one person you refer to the service, you get one free month.

You can learn more or try it out via ContactMonkey’s website here.