Consider Supporting the Arts in Calgary

We all need something to do in our spare, time but let’s face it: NetFlix is not the answer.

So if you’re on the hunt for a productive pastime, you should learn more about boardLink.  

In an effort to cultivate art and culture, this organization is currently seeking people who are passionate about their community and possess great leaderships skills to support other arts organizations through volunteer positions.

On November 5th, boardLink is throwing an open house at Endeavour Arts, which will serve as an excellent chance to learn more about how you can make a difference.

As Anja Dobri of the Remix Project explained, in just the past year, four volunteers have made it possible to create a new curriculum, find new sponsors, cultivate donor relationships, and build a business program that focused on giving out small grants to young entrepreneurs.

Now, doesn’t that sound way more rewarding than learning how to crochet?

Using boardLink Live presentations and boardLink online, individuals who are interested in becoming volunteers are matched with organizations based on interests and skill sets.

And once you’ve found an organization that seems to be the right fit for you, you’re encouraged to meet with the board and perform your own assessment to make sure it’s agreeable for both parties.

So if you’re free tomorrow night then don’t miss this great chance to learn more about local projects like the Alberta Theatre Projects, JazzYYC, and Design Talks Institute.

After all, giving back is so much more rewarding than binge watching every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Trust us, if you already missed it the first time around – you’re good.


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