Concertgoer Sues Osheaga Because Travis Scott Showed Up Late

On this week’s episode of Insane Lawsuits, an attendee of last weekend’s Osheaga music festival in Montreal is suing hip-hop artist and Kylie Jenner sidekick Travis Scott for showing up late to his scheduled performance.

Fresh off his ‘Astroworld’ album release, the American rapper was one of the most anticipated acts of the weekend. According to Osheaga, he was held up at the border and showed face more than an hour late. With a strict 11:30 p.m. cut-off, Scott spent just 40 minutes on stage. He was supposed to be up there doing his thing for an hour and five minutes.

By the time he finally appeared, many of those in attendance had given up and left. Among them was Megan Le Stum, who has enlisted a Montreal law firm to sue the organizers of the festival for “prejudice or inconvenience” resulting from Scott’s tardiness. In fact, the ordeal has turned into a whole thing, evolving into a class action lawsuit that now seeks a $115 reimbursement for every concertgoer.

A statement in Osheaga’s FAQ directly addresses matters of the sort, which makes it unlikely that the lawsuit is approved: “All Festival performers, including headliners, are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. No refunds will be issued if a festival performer is changed or canceled.”

On a related note, those who stayed seemed to have a decent time.