Coming Soon: J. Crew at Yorkdale Shopping Centre

After years of having to cross the border to browse and buy at American retailer J. Crew, we’ll finally be able to stop burning gas and just burn holes in our pockets when the company’s first international store opens shop in Yorkdale in August. Or rather, ladies, you’ll be able to stop going Stateside.

J. Crew’s first Canadian location will be 5,000 sq. ft. of women’s apparel, stocking both clothing and accessories. The wait for the American-prep supershop is finally over, another of the fine retailers Canadians have been hoping would head north and one of a handful of large chains that are making the journey – Target, anyone?

J. Crew’s women’s line is a mix of casual weekend wear and professional coordinates. While J. Crew has been known for having bold colours in their stylings, over the past couple years they’ve been incorporating more and more bright patterns into their lines. Overall, their collection can be looked at as akin to Club Monaco mixed with Zara’s seasonal sensibilities.

Gents will have to wait awhile to see if J. Crew will be bringing their men’s fashions abroad as well. We hope so, but until the women’s line runs as a test market we doubt J. Crew will make the plunge, but we feel Toronto’s ready for it. You never know, retailers have made more hasty decisions before…