Comedian Hannibal Buress Was Almost Thrown Out of Toronto Taxi for Mentioning Uber

Anyone who was in Toronto during NBA All-Star Weekend understands how cold it was.

The temperature reached far into the negatives, especially on Saturday, which is why comedian Hannibal Buress didn’t want to walk the short distance back to where he was staying and decided to take a cab.

Buress was having a great night until things began to escalate when his cab driver refused to turn on his meter.

Earlier this week, the Chicago native said on NBC Late Night with Seth Meyers that an argument started after the cabbie refused to use the meter and insisted upon a $20 flat fee because he was in a van cab.

Buress told Meyers that he told the driver no and that he needed to put the meter on.

Finally after some back and forth on the pricing of van cabs, Buress said the driver relaxed: “He said, ‘You know what? I’ve had a good week. I’ve had a good day. I’m not going to let you ruin it. I’m just going to take you for free.’”

The comedian told Meyers that the exchange put him off, and he told the driver: “That’s why Uber is crushing you guys.” Clearly striking a nerve with the driver.

“The Uber thing really set him off ’cause he tried to kick us out into the cold,” Buress said.

When asked why he refused the offer, Buress said, “I didn’t want his free ride because he was doing it in a condescending way.”

Our advice for anyone catching a cab in Toronto, never mention Uber. Believe us, you’ll probably end up walking if you do.