Columnist Jessica L. Scott Reid Marks One Year With 10 Most Notable Articles

To mark my first anniversary as a Notable columnist, I’ve compiled a list of my ten most notable YPLife articles from the past year. Do you see your favourite? 

“Would You Hire You?” And Other Questions for Constructive Self Reflection: Five simple questions that can be used as cues for constructive self-reflection. 

The Importance of Tweeting for Young Professionals: From branding to networking, to acquiring information, if you want to personally connect with multinational companies, influential media, potential employers, celebrities, authors, politicians, customers, and fellow young professionals, it’s time to get tweeting

Why Every Young Professional Should Have a Blog: Five notable reasons, from free exposure to self-therapy, why we should all be blogging.  

Cocktails for the Health Conscious: mixing healthy ingredients with our favorite spirits to hydrate while we dehydrate, detox while we retox. 

Let’s Get Physical: The Other Signs of YP Burnout: In an interview with young professional Dr. Jamie Rusen, we discuss the physical signs and symptoms of burnout that we should all be on the lookout for. 

Organic, Local, Free Range: What Does it All Mean? We break down these trendy, eco-friendly foodie terms to help you decide what’s important to you.  

Are You Still Living Impulsively? Recognizing that little devil on one shoulder and that angel on the other, common amongst those who are both young and professional, is crucial for our growth and success. 

How to Psychologically Prep for Your Next Hangover: smart preparatory measures we can all take to help better battle the “booze blues.”  

The Importance of Recognizing When Not to Speak Up: Some frank examples of when it’s best to zip it.  

Flying with Fido: Bringing pup along on vacations and business trips is becoming increasingly popular amongst the YP crowd. Here are some notable tips to help ensure a smooth flight.