Collector’s Club: Not Your Mama’s Craft Fair

We know how excited you get when you hear the word ‘market’.

But before you think about inviting your mom, be warned: this is one of the hipper weekend events that will fit nicely into any Sunday Funday program. Collector’s Club is one of the best things happening in YYC right now – so if you missed out on the most recent edition, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re at the next one:

Normally you’d pay at least $10 to get in for a show but on Sundays the cover is only $3 – with proceeds going to local charity. That makes the whole trip guilt free right there.

If you think bacon and eggs are the best thing about Sunday, then you’re clearly mistaken. Drinking and shopping are a way better combo… and half the calories.

Upon arriving at the Collector’s Club, the first thing to do is order a Mimosa from the main bar. Brunch lovers will celebrate the fact that Mimosas come without the 45-minute line.

If you love taking chances, you’ll really enjoy some of the booths here that literally let you roll the dice to decide on the asking price. The Cool Guy Club, which sells some pretty gift-worthy photography, was offering customers this option and the chance to purchase what is sure to be an iconic print of our mayor dressed as CAM’RON – purple fur and diamond rings included. 

Is there anything better than having a live DJ set while you shop three floors of booths?

No? We didn’t think so.

Oddball Finds
If you’ve been on the lookout for some truly unique knick-knacks like black ceramic lions or antlers dipped in gold (compliments of Bex Vintage), this is the place to find those pieces.

Carrying great vintage bar sets, coffee table books and old-school records, you can furnish your pad with an amazing cross-section of conversation starters – and in just one trip.

Anyone on the hunt for cowboy boots, leather jackets or bourbon vanilla toffee will also rejoice over the finds here.

In the Stars
While we probably had you at drinks, DJs and shopping, if this market didn’t sound enticing before, the holiday installation featured a tarot card reader and a long line of people waiting to find out what was to come in 2015.

Trust us, having an esoteric experience at the Commonwealth is so much better than what you’ll find at the psychic shops that reside on the less desirable blocks of 16th Avenue. 

The Food
Back to our point about brunch, if line-ups aren’t your thing the cafeteria here has a quick queue and a frequent rotation of street food truck snacks like Eats of Asia (the great minds behind that delicious Kimchi Miso Ramen). 

If you missed out on this weekend’s market, make sure you keep your Sunday clear for the next one.

For more details about upcoming Collector’s Clubs, check out the Commonwealth website in the New Year. 


All images from: Collector’s Club

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