Colette Paris Was Robbed for Over $800K in Merchandise This Weekend

One of the most well-known shopping boutiques in Paris, Colette, was robbed on Saturday morning. An hour before the boutique opened, two armed men made off with about $850,000 US worth of luxury watches, jewelry and other premium goods. The thieves were armed with both an axe and a pump-action shotgun, forcing seven employees onto the floor, smashing through cases and escaping on a scooter. 

As disclosed through a simple drawing by Clo’e Floirat on Colette’s instagram account, no one was hurt during the alarming event. Though this is the third robbery this month in the “Golden Triangle” of Paris, employees, shoppers and the fashion community have come together to show support after the ordeal and Colette was able to maintain their normal business hours throughout the weekend. 

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