Cocktails for the Health Concious

Ok, we admit it: the notion of a healthy cocktail is pretty much an oxymoron. We all know that alcohol is certainly not in the positive category of things we put into our bodies. With that said, however, when it comes to what we mix with our favourite spirits, there are some options better than others.

Think back to the last time you spent the night sipping Blue Lagoons, or to that afternoon downing rum and cokes. Not good. The sugary mixes used in many cocktails can often create a worse after-effect than the alcohol itself. So here at Notable we have been experimenting with some of the more health conscious mix options that have become popular amongst the young professional crowd. Read on for some delicious cocktail recipes that may just help you hydrate while you dehydrate or detox while you re-tox. 

Put de Lime in da Coconut:
Coconut water has become all the rage, due to its low calorie count and high level of electrolytes, which aids in hydration. We just love the taste.

Over ice, pour 1 oz. of vodka. Fill glass with 2 parts pure coconut water, 1 part club soda. Finish with a twist of lime.

The Strong Man
We’ve always loved cherries and are thrilled that they have become the “it” berry for health and wellness. Packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, tart cherry juice gives you a strong boost of all the goodness that cherries have to offer.

In a snifter, combine 1 part Canadian whiskey, 1 part pure tart cherry juice, and 1 part sweet vermouth. Top with a fresh cherry.

The Beach Body
Green tea has been on the health scene for a while now, proclaimed as a super antioxidant and cancer fighter. What could be better, right? Well, how about some rum…

Brew a small pot of green tea and chill. Over ice, pour 1 oz. white rum with 1 part pineapple juice and 2 parts chilled green tea. Top with a twist of lemon. If you prefer sweet rather than tart, honey can be added.

Skinny Ginny
Aloe water, a.k.a. aloe juice, is another new, much talked about beverage on the market, said to aid in digestion and in detoxifying the liver. We’ve discovered that adding some cucumbers to this aloe cocktail helps those often unappetizing chunks of aloe slide past the tongue much easier.

In a tall glass, muddle a few cucumber slices. Add 1 tsp. liquid wildflower honey, then ice. Add 1 oz. gin, and then top with aloe vera water. Stir and serve.

Vegan Margarita
Drowning your tequila in heart-healthy fruits and veggies is the most guilt-free way to enjoy a margarita. With the added antioxidant prosperities and intriguing flavours of ginger and turmeric, this drink is sure to help you avoid the “I’m never drinking tequila again” morning.

In a blender, blend ice, 1 part pure carrot juice, 1 part pure beet juice, 2 parts freshly squeezed orange juice, ½ part chopped ginger, with 1 oz. (worm-free) tequila. Top with a dash of turmeric and serve in chilled margarita glass with a wide straw.   

Jager Poms
Move over sugar and caffeine-filled Jager Bombs, it’s time to try out what’s sure to become the newest shooter craze: naturally delicious Jager Poms! 

Over ice in a shaker, add 1 oz. Jagermeister with 1 oz. pomegranate juice. Shake, and strain into shot glass. 

As with all natural remedies, many health claims made by such products have yet to be sufficiently proven. But we encourage you to try out these “healthy cocktails” to simply discover some new and intriguing natural flavour combinations. If you happen to kill some free radicals and avoid a hangover in the process, consider it a bonus!