Cocktails, Financial Literacy and a Power Packed Panel

Tangerine presents, You’d Look Good in Orange, powered by Notable Life

In our ever-moving lives of deadlines, constant stimulation, wining and dining, there are so many things more exciting than learning about finances (are we right?).

The good news is that becoming more financially literate and well versed can come with a side of gourmet bites, flowing cocktails and no shortage of quality networking opportunities. As a lead up to Financial Literacy Month, which kicks off in November, Tangerine Bank will host a thought-provoking panel discussion in Montreal, centered on the ever so crucial topics of Savings and Investing. Tangerine’s You’d Look Good in Orange event, is taking place in one of Montreal’s most vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods, Griffintown, on Thursday, October 26th – and you’ll want to be there.


Our finances shape our future quality of life, and our financial health and knowledge could mean the difference between retiring before 60 (with a sweet vacation home) and never being able to afford retirement at all. Taking this into consideration, we should probably spend as much time learning about our personal finances as we do searching (and swiping) for potential love interests.

At this point in our so-called “adult” lives – it’s sort of embarrassing not to know the difference between stocks and bonds…or even between RSVPs and RRSPs. So many of us live in ignorant bliss, assuming terms like investments, stock portfolios and interest rates can be saved for a rainy day (unlike our dollars – those are for avocado toast on Sundays).

We know we can’t be the only ones who could use a little 101 when it comes to financial management and literacy. If you live in Montreal – or are in the mood for a road trip – you can improve your financial literacy, with a cocktail in hand, while engaging in stimulating conversation. Taking over Industria Pizzeria from 6:00-8:30pm on Thursday, October 26, this must-attend event, You’d Look Good in Orange, unites some of Montreal’s prominent CEOs and celebrity figures for a high-energy panel discussion on all things related to personal finances.

The guests – fellow connected millennials from a variety of professions – will learn about topics like investing and saving. Moderated by popular Montreal radio and TV personality Anne-Marie Withenshaw, the event will offer a unique opportunity to ask the panel of prominent CEOs and celebrities questions about their own financial challenges, successes and experiences – and you can expect it to get candid.

Confirmed panel guests are movers and shakers in everything from the professional sporting world, to the dating industry elite. They include retired Canadian freestyle skier Alexandre Bilodeau, famed and vibrant YouTuber PL Cloutier, founder of Dashing Date and boss lady matchmaker, Kavita Ajwani and Nick Farkas, Vice President, Concerts & Events at Evenko and the Co-Founder of Osheaga.

Naturally, the event will draw event circuit regulars, fashion bloggers, up-and-coming business leaders and the magic-making creative set. Offering prime personal and professional networking opportunities, guests can enjoy cocktails and bites as they mingle prior to the panel discussion.

If this doesn’t make you excited about learning more about finances, we don’t know if anything will.