Clive Burger and Grow Calgary Collaboration Highlights City’s Thriving Food Culture

Clive Burger is that fabulous burger joint on 17th that appeals to just about everyone. The menu appears quite pedestrian at first glimpse, but Clive is a far cry from fast food. The classic burger stop has been re-imagined with a hipster ambiance and armed with fries from scratch and custard milk shakes. The atmosphere is laid back, the staff is friendly and the packaging is 100% compostable.

Clive also serves up top-notch Alberta beef burgers (hormone and antibiotic-free) that include some pretty amazing toppings. If you haven’t yet tried the fried egg as a topping on the burger, then you haven’t lived. Fried egg on a burger is really a little slice of heaven.

This month, Clive Burger celebrated their first anniversary and we found one more reason to love this place: its sense of helping community.

On June 9th, to celebrate birthday number one, Clive Burger served up a special burger that was named winner of the Clive Grow Burger challenge. The idea behind the Clive Burger Grow challenge was to have teams of local Calgary personalities collaborate and compete by serving up their version of a tasty burger for charity. Mookie and Billie Jo from Lite 95.9 crafted the winning burger and they were sold by donation (a minimum of three dollars) with proceeds going to the new initiative, ‘Grow Calgary’.

The City of Calgary has just turned over 11 acres of land to the Grow Calgary project. The land parcel is located near the Canada Olympic Park and is currently being turned into one of North America’s larger urban farms. The goal for this year is for the farm to harvest 100,000 pounds of homegrown produce right here in Calgary, which will then be donated to the Calgary food bank. Grow Calgary’s mission is to provide healthier options to food bank recipients.

Grow Calgary follows the philosophy of food justice, which is both a social and environmental movement that has gained momentum in the last few years. Food justice is based on the fundamental belief that everyone, rich or poor, should have the right to the access local and nutritious foods.

The collaboration between Clive and Grow Calgary highlights that we have a thriving food culture, a great sense of community and some big ideas. The next time you get a pang of hunger and feel a craving for a tasty burger, head on down to Clive Burger to enjoy a great meal and to support a community leader. And for goodness sakes, don’t forget the fried egg on top!

Grow Calgary is looking for both volunteers and donations. To learn more about this project, click here

To check out the delicious samplings on the Clive Burger menu, click here.