Classic Car Wednesdays at Orange Julep

The Orange Julep is not only a landmark in Montreal, which it can’t help considering the building is a three-story-high orange ball, but it is also a institution known for its famous orange drink, the Orange Julep. The original two-story-high orange sphere was built in 1945 to dispense the Gibeau family’s secret-recipe orange drink.

In the 1960s the building had to be enlarged by a whole other story, and over the past 60 plus years, the recipe has still remained as secretive as ever. The Orange Julep is frothy (not to be mistaken for an Orange Julius, although very similar), is made daily with fresh oranges, and has a slight acidity to cut the sweetness. A lot of people like to have it with a scoop of ice cream, while others choose to use it to wash down other greasy fair you can get there like hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

This spot has become a true hang out for the neighborhood. While there is only one picnic bench, most people pull up in their cars, and eat standing around, in their cars, while meeting up with friends and listening to classic rock blast from the restaurant’s outdoor speakers. In the summertime on Wednesdays, classic cars converge making it a great night to go have a famous Orange Julep and watch the show. This place has all the makings of what we find notable. We highly recommend taking a drive out here to sample the goods and hang out into the late summer hours. 7700 Decarie.

Image by Ken Lam CK, ckLam Photography.