City of Toronto Makes Awful (Just Awful) Video About Downtown

Toronto has been getting more and more attention around the world. (Which seems fitting as we are the centre of the universe).

From Vogue showering us with foodie love to the New York Times recognizing our inclusiveness and naming us one of the globe’s must-visit cities in 2016, we’re riding pretty high right now.

If we were on a first date with the world, we’d be leaning in for a goodnight kiss.

Except Dad just opened the door and ruined everything.

The city of Toronto has released a painfully uncool video that insists on only referring to downtown as ‘DT’. In it, people talk about DT as though it’s their friend and discuss how great it is and how they’d like to see it improved. #DTAdvice

A couple of things.

1. Downtown Toronto is not your friend.
2. Downtown Toronto is actually a bit of a dick and would be the first one to tell you that forcing a nickname is actually the opposite of cool.
3. Downtown Toronto would likely be curious why the only person in the video under 30 is 12. (Apparently millennials and DT don’t get along).

Look, we want to see downtown Toronto improve as much as possible and there are some really interesting  ideas out there already, but this video is not one of them.

Watch for yourself and try not to cringe.