Citta Restaurant Breathes New Life into CityPlace

Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji have done it again.

Offering a fresh addition to the young professional-filled CityPlace condominium complex is the brand new Citta.

The Icon Legacy and Ink Entertainment project is a godsend for the local residents in search of close-by comfort food, but it also offers a new reason for YPs from across the city to hit Fort York Blvd. (aside from visiting their CityPlace friends and lovers).

It’s simple, authentic Italian comfort food at its finest, filled with some of the city’s (and CityPlace’s) finest.

Despite the comforting food and inviting vibe, the space itself is refreshingly large and open, allowing for mixing and mingling once the plates are bare, facilitated by a well-curated cocktail list. This includes cocktails with a well-rounded selection of base alcohols, meaning everything from the Classic Bellini to their Negroni Arancione.

Judging from the crowd and bustling mood already, we have a feeling it’ll offer a reliable breeding ground for personal and professional connections within YP circles.

But aside from the scene, go for the food – and go hungry.

Trust us when we say it’s the type of place you’ll want to make a multi-course affair. Pre-meal sharables include an assortment of crostini, topped with everything from squash and Parmigiano, to beetroot and bufala di ricotta, and a tender burrata with wood roasted tomato and onion agro dolce.

The menu also features a selection of meats and cheeses, and other sharable plates to start, like the squash fritters and roasted cauliflower. And you have to at least share a salad – they’re definitely not an afterthought at Citta. We loved the arugula (with fig, pear, hazelnuts, and aged balsamic), and the kale (with tomato, walnuts, and pecorino).

The star of the show, though, is definitely the wood fired pizza – whether you opt for the basic Margarita or the fully loaded Cosenza. They’re diet-breaking worthy – and you have 12 different types to choose from, with either a rossa or a bianca base.

Of course, there’s a hearty selection of pasta– everything from the simple Spaghetti Alla Carbonara or Pomodoro, to the Vesuvio Salsicca, complete with fennel sausage and Mozzarella di bufala.

Speaking of simple, that’s part of the charm at Citta. And when we say simple, we mean only a few ingredients per dish simple. “Simple food is almost harder to do, working with only three or four ingredients per dish, I better make sure they’re there for a good reason,” says Chef Ben Heaton.

All dishes are created using an old world technique, and with carefully curated local ingredients. And it’s not all pizza and pasta either; other quick crowd pleasers are the Braised Shortrib Braciole, the Grilled Octopus, and the Wood Roasted Cornish Hen.

And don’t decline the dessert menu – the sweet offerings need to be experienced. This is especially true of the Nutella and sea salt brioche, and the Pistachio Buffalo Ricotta Canoli.

Whether it’s for date night, a group dinner birthday dinner, or weekend brunch, Citta is casual enough that you can drop in no matter what you’re wearing (aside from, say, your gym clothes). 

The best part? It already had a neighbourhood feel – whether you’re a CityPlace resident or not. 


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