Circle the Wagons: Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

For starters, we’ll say this: Circle The Wagons is no ordinary circus.

There were no lions, sword swallowers, or bearded ladies – but there were plenty of food trucks, carnival entertainment, and music to keep everyone happy.

So what does a day at an urban circus involve?

First thing to check off your list is getting a late lunch from one of the many fabulous restaurants on wheels. This weekend Eats of Asia was the truck of choice, serving up an amazing combo of Asian inspired street food dishes that were oh-so-satisfying (the bao sliders from this truck are to die for).

Next up, a casual sit by the BassBus stage to catch a song or two from local super rock group, High Kicks before checking out the art car known as Hippo Love. Decked out in purple fabric, this art car is probably best recognized as a fixture on the Burning Man playa. 

As cool as it might have been to see flame blowers at the event, a hippo truck blowing flames from its nostrils was just fine with us.

And of course, a day at the urban circus wouldn’t be complete without a stop in the Village beer garden; the converted volleyball court that offered a welcome sit in the sand while catching up with friends.

This was a truly brilliant way to capitalize on the last days of summer weather.  

As the day went on the energy level went up. DJ duo SkItour got the crowd moving with their mountain funk and snow-blowing machine, and carnival performers started to appear. As the sun went down, stilt walkers, acrobats, and fire dancers took to the stage and the evening closed out with an electric set from Pumpkin.

If you didn’t make it out this year don’t worry, the idea of an urban circus is just what Calgary ordered.

Celebrating our passion for good food, good music, and just the right amount of absurdity,  Circle the Wagons is sure to pop up in another notable neighborhood next September.



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