Chronic Distracted Driver Shamed by Police, Completely Banned From Driving in B.C.

A B.C. woman can now distract herself with her cell phone all she wants… but it won’t be behind the wheel of a car.

She’s officially no longer allowed to drive in the province.

The 40-something-year-old woman made headlines for her perpetual distracted driving across the Lower Mainland when her history of infractions (some within days of one another) was posted on Twitter.

According to the Richmond RCMP, the unnamed woman is now banned from driving in B.C. They Tweeted out a photo yesterday saying that the driver had been removed from the road this week.

The woman is no stranger to distracted driving, having accumulated 14 distracted driving citations. Despite these, she only earned 12 demerit points on her license thanks to the fact that, prior to October 2014, drivers were fined for distracted driving but not issued any demerit points. A distracted driving ticket now costs $167 and puts three demerit point on your licence in B.C.

She only reached 12 points in March.

As you’re probably aware (or should be), once a person hits 12 points, it triggers a review by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

The woman was first brought to the public’s attention when she was publicly exposed and shamed (well, kind of) by Richmond RCMP on their Twitter account. But the Twitter conversation didn’t stop there. Just a few days later, the Vancouver Police (VPD) tweeted that they have requested that the woman have her licence suspended after receiving her 14th ticket.

Police have called the woman in question an “experienced driver.”

Experienced driver or not, she serves as a reminder that distracted driving is a serious offence. Another friendly reminder: distracted driving tickets in Ontario will set you back $300-$1000.

That’s a pretty expensive text message.

But, hey, if that’s still not enough to hit home, this definitely is.