Christian Louboutin Has Launched a ‘Louboutinize’ Instagram Photo App

In case you haven’t had enough of those red soles popping up everywhere from birthday cake toppings to your rich aunt’s closet, luxury shoemaker Christian Louboutin has just launched a photo-editing app that will let you Louboutin your life away.

After launching a nail polish and lipstick that set customers back a pretty penny, the brand released a free photo filter app on iTunes that allows you to put a Louboutin-branded edge on your photos.

You can choose between one of three filters for the time being with more coming on either a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

The filters include “Rouge,” which adds the Louboutin red hue to your photo, “Legs,” which allows you to insert celeb legs onto your body, and “Crystallize,” which adds a kaleidoscope filter to give you photo a crystal-shaped bottle feel.

To get an idea of what the filters look like, take a look at some Louboutin-loving Instagram users that have already adopted the app.

#Louboutinize your feed away, fashionistas.

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