Chimp and Hootsuite Join Forces for Holiday Giving

Your money can now help others even more.

Last year, Canadians donated $10.6 billion dollars in the month of December. We came in third on the list of countries in the world who gave the most.

Bronze suddenly doesn’t seem too bad.

But, it’s also just the start.

Vancouver’s social media powerhouse Hootsuite is covering all the fees for the month of December made through online giving platform Chimp, making it a partnership with major impact at the forefront of their mission.

This means 100% of all donations will go to charities and charitable companies in need across Canada.

For young professionals, Hootsuite coming on board to cover all the fees is especially important – associated fees are a big factor young people review when choosing where and how to give. And though Chimp’s fees are already some of the lowest around, from now until the end of the month, all of them are being tossed completely out the window.

Over 30,000 people. More than 3800 charities. $46 million dollars.

That’s who and how much has been given through Chimp thus far.

With just two weeks left in the year, there’s a little time left to make a lot of difference. 


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