Childhood’s End: Yorkdale Has a Sexy Santa

The Santa Claus we have all grown to know and love is recognized world wide by his round mid-section and iconic red velvet suit.

But that Santa is a thing of the past.

Our generation has spoken and there is now a new modern and sexy Santa in town, thanks to former Canadian model Paul Mason. The new Santa can be found at Yorkdale mall wearing high-end designer suits and posing with starstruck shoppers.

This new Saint Nick gives off a more lumbersexual vibe, with his chizzled cheekbones, smoldering blue eyes, and trim frame, resulting in more mothers wanting to snap pics with fashion Santa, while their kids are left wondering what on earth happened to the big guy.

Image: Yorkdale Mall

The only remaining similarities that even somewhat resemble the Santa of your childhood are the sleek white beard and the red velvet overcoat. Only this one is designed by Ferragamo.

“I often say I’m Santa’s younger brother — the thinner version,” Mason told CBC News.

A younger, thinner, and trendier brother indeed.

This is the Santa for our generation. A generation that revolves around labels, Instagram likes, and appearance.

Image: Yorkdale Mall

So why is it that the public and the internet are so infatuated with this new Saint Nick?

Once you get past the designer duds and model-like stature, Mason is just trying to bring a little holiday cheer into peoples lives. And for those that feel too old (or too cool) to pose with the traditional Santa, this might just be the way to do it.

But instead of sitting on Santa’s lap, shoppers can take a selfie with Mason and share it on social media with the tag #YorkdaleFashionSanta. For every selfie share the mall will donate $1 to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, to a maximum of $10,000.

Image: Yorkdale Mall

So maybe this is a good thing after all.

All I can say is at least our fashion Santa is better than Portland’s hipster Santa. Way better.

Image: Yorkdale Mall