Forget Chocolate – This Advent Calendar is Filled with Cheese

It seems the modern day adult advent calendar is having a major moment.

Once reserved for chocolate-loving children, today’s advent calendars are packed with 24 days of goodness and include things like tea, beauty products, and even booze.

Why should kids have all the fun, right?

Companies like Sage, Sephora and Clarins offer what are surely well-received (even if you’re just treating yourself) advent calendars.

Answering the holiday prayers of cheese-lovers, the latest and greatest in the advent calendar world is filled with tiny pieces of individually wrapped cheese of all varieties.

This means things like Blue Stilton, Vintage Gouda, goats’ cheese, French Doux De Montagne and German smoked cheese in all of their bite-size glory.


The cheese-filled calendar was the idea of Annem Hobson from the blog So Wrong It’s Nom. It’s been in development for a year.

Sadly, you won’t be able to scoop one up for yourself until next year.

Hobson, however, does offer detailed instructions on how to make your own – so, you can grab a bottle of wine on the way home and make yours tonight.


Of course, given the fact that cheese is scientifically proven to be addictive, the advent calendar will definitely be a lesson in self-control, in addition to a small reward at the end of the day (it’s all about the little things, right?).

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