Cheers With These Holiday Cocktails

Ahh, the holidays. Has there ever been a longer, more acceptable time to publically binge? (If so, please let us know.) And even though we do enjoy our fair share of tryptophan, today’s post won’t be talkin’ turkey. No, we’re here to share some recipes that’ll get you red-eyed in no time. Whether you’re making a libation station for a holiday party or you just like to get into some sauce that isn’t strictly made from cranberries, you’ll find the right formula below.

We already covered this Holiday special in detail here. This baby is so traditional it earned its own article – and six separate recipes.

Candy Cane
Just like its namesake, this drink has three types of (alcohol-filled) flavour blending together to form one smooth, and very sweet, taste.

Apple Brandy Cordial
It has real apples in it so it must be good for you. We see no reason why your holiday cocktail can’t give you the fruits and veggies you need.

Morning, afternoon, evening. Hell, it’s the holidays. Treat yo’self! Whether you go the way the whisky takes you or you’re more of a cream lover, here are a few recipes to get you started.

What, you thought Canada’s favourite drink was limited to patios? Think again. Mott’s has come out with a new Holiday Edition that features Cranberry juice (recipe below). Or, if you’re trying not to get too close to anybody (see: playing hard to get), there’s also this spicy little number.

The Holiday Caesar
Glass: Punch Bowl
Garnish: Lime Wheels
Rim: Celery Salt
750ml Bottle of vodka or gin
1.89L Bottle of Mott’s Clamato The Works
500ml Bottle of cranberry juice
Rim Celery salt
Hot sauce
Worcestershire sauce

1. Pour Mott’s Clamato The Works cocktail and vodka into a large punch bowl without ice
2. Spice with hot sauce and worcestershire to taste
3. Garnish with floating lime wheels and cranberries
4. Allow friends to add ice to their own glasses so as not to water-down the punch
5. Set buffet to allow self-serve option

Order the buffet as follows:

The Grinch
Everyone, at some point, reaches a holiday breaking point and turns from happy to hate-filled faster than PS4’s sellout. Coincidentally, that is the exact moment you need the calming melon effect of a Grinch

Christmas Jones
We had trouble believing this was going to be great until we tried it – mainly because it’s named after a Bond girl played by Denise Richards who’s supposed to be a nuclear scientist. So ya, trust was an issue. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint.

English Christmas Punch
Light a bowl of alcohol on fire? Um, yes please! This warm punch will keep you and two dozen of your friends warm and toasty over the holidays. This recipe calls for a saucepan but, as in all aspects of life, the option to flambé is always available!

Pomegranate Martini
Oprah loves it. Did you hear us? OPRAH loves it. What would you say if you met her and you hadn’t tried it? Think about how disappointed she’d be in you if you didn’t have at least half a dozen over the holidays. No, we couldn’t bare to think of that either…

Mulled Wine
As Jamie Oliver says, ‘this tastes like Christmas in a glass’. And we’re at least half sure he’s not talking about disappointment, family arguments, or the awkwardness of introducing your new life partner to the rest of your life for the first time. So cheers! 

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