Check Out This Drone Footage of Apple’s Mindblowing New Spaceship Headquarters

Apple is currently building a spaceship in Cupertino, California that will serve as its headquarters when it opens in late 2016 or early 2017.

Plans to construct Campus 2 were initially announced by Steve Jobs in 2011, the last public appearance before his death. The circular building features 2,800,000 square feet of space covering nine contiguous properties and will be completed at an estimated cost of $5 billion – $4.5 billion over budget.

That’s right, someone had the audacity to suggest the project’s initial cost will be around $500 million, despite Jobs’ admission that “This is not the cheapest way to build something.”

It will consist of 80 per cent green space, provide office space for 12,000 staff, boast one of the largest photovoltaic solar surfaces in the world, and offer 100 charging stations for electric cars in its parking garage. You know, modern headquarters-y stuff.

What everyone really wants to know, however, is just how mindblowing Apple’s new shrine will look. And thanks to recently unveiled drone footage, we found out: