Check Out the Inside of a $9.5M Montreal Castle Built in 1725

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It’s not everyday you get to peak inside a castle.

Much less one that’s in our own Canadian backyard.
Well, thanks to our friends at TOWER TRIP Magazine, we’re going inside this unique property located just behind Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal.

Think, cobblestones streets, a private home, a nine-room lodge, and a restaurant.

According to owner, artist Gaëtan Trottier:

“Back in the 60s, when my father owned the house, there was this plan for Old Montreal to be demolished in order to make room for a riverside highway. One like they were building all over the US. Remember, that was back when the automobile was driving America. My father fought very hard to impeach this project.”

Inside the nine different rooms (available for rent!) are custom mahogany sculpted beds and furniture ordered from a village Gaëtan visited in Honduras where he also helped the locals build a school. As you can judge from the pictures, the mélange of natural light and chandeliers creates an indescribable ambiance.

The house isn’t all style and no substance though:

“In 1775, during the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin had meetings in this house. He also left here a paper press used to print out propaganda flyers. It is on this very press that three years later, the first edition of The Montreal Gazette was printed. If you look at the paper and see the mention “since 1778″ on it, well, that was it” recounts Trottier.
 So this place is a literal piece of history.

A solarium connects several rooms with four annexed buildings around an interior garden where Trottier keeps a selection of exotic birds including a coquet parrot.

Check out the official listing here


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