Check Out the Insane New Rollercoaster Coming to Canada’s Wonderland

As we Millennials barrel through life, handling (or not) the many challenges thrown our way and adapting to a world that seems as insane as ever, one thing remains the same: Canada’s Wonderland is as amazing as it was during our childhood years.

Seriously, if you somehow ever find yourself bored on a summer’s day in Toronto, take the trip to Vaughan and re-discover what a few hours of coasters, thrill rides, and gluttonous culinary indulgence can do to lift your spirits.

That will be especially true next year, when a little thing called ‘Yukon Striker’ debuts at the 330-acre theme park. Yukon Striker bills itself as the longest, fastest and highest roller-coaster of its kind, and is set to open for the 2019 season. That kind, by the way, is a dive coaster, meaning it features a vertical drop. A vertical drop, in case you’re wondering, features weightlessness.

Check this thing out:

That’s right: top speeds of 130 km/h, a 75-metre drop, four inversions, and enough thrills to guarantee some spills.

“I think the drop is going to be the real draw for people,” said Peter Switzer, the park’s director of construction and maintenance. “Most people will put their hands down for fear.” And what happens after the drop? Disappearing into a tiny hole, of course:

Yukon Striker will be the most expensive investment Canada’s Wonderland has ever made, though a final price tag has not yet been revealed (construction is ongoing). The theme park’s most recent major addition came in 2012, with the 148-km/h Leviathan coaster.

One thing is for sure: a Canada’s Wonderland season pass should probably be on your Christmas wish list.