Cheating at The Calgary Stampede Can Cause Divorce Rates to Rise Up to 50%

Call it the way of the cowboy.

Apparently, drinks and wedding rings just aren’t meant to go together at the biggest party in the west.

At least, that’s according to the CBC, who spoke with Larissa Stone, the operations manager for Fairway Divorce Solutions in Calgary. Stone said ‘they’re bracing for the usual influx of calls as Calgary’s big party week winds down.’ And told the CBC, “It’s a lot of infidelity conversations. It’s a ‘my husband didn’t come home for two days and I don’t know where he is, call.’ I’ve had that a few times.”

Which explains why her business receives roughly 50 per cent more calls around this time than the rest of the year.

Of course, they also spoke with a beer tent waitress who claimed to see wedding rings disappear all the time from the fingers of married people – both men and women. But, unfortunately, we can’t expect that’s all too different from any number of bars across the entire country at any given time.

Either way, The Stampede effect is in full flight right now – better hold on to your hats…and fidelity.