Charity Spotlight: Kids Up Front

As young professionals, we are often privy to attending all sorts of special events, concerts, and sports events. Some of these are because we have willingly shelled out some cash to purchase the tickets while others are a result of business-related opportunities such as corporate seats or being taken out as a client.

Have you ever noticed, though, that there are often empty seats at any number of these events? Or have you ever had a last-minute work commitment or schedule conflict that caused you to miss the event? Well, the organization Kids Up Front has found a solution for all those empty seats and times when you just can’t use your tickets. 

Founded in Calgary, this national organization takes the tickets you can’t use and fills your seats with children and youth who can benefit. This includes kids who are affected by poverty (more than 100,000 in Alberta live below the poverty line), abuse, illness and disability. 

Kids Up Front relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations and businesses throughout the community to donate tickets, money and time to create opportunities for kids; since 2000, the organization has been able to give local kids and families 280,000 event tickets valued at $9 million.

For those YPs who are season-ticket holders, this is a great way to ensure that your tickets never go to waste. Do you work for a company that often has unused corporate tickets? Suggest Kids Up Front the next time there is a ‘kid friendly’ event that no one is snatching up.

It is best if you have tickets to donate them sooner rather than later so they can effectively coordinate the distribution of the tickets, but if you find out last-minute you are going to miss a show because of an important meeting, Kids Up Front does accept same-day tickets as long as it is before noon.

Photo courtesy Kids Up Front