Channel Your Inner Detective at This Montreal Escape Game

If you’re obsessed with keeping up with every CSI show there is, can’t indulge in TGIF outings because Dateline is on, or just love Sherlock Holmes, well, your wildest dreams of becoming a detective have come true.

Welcome to Obsidem Games, an interactive, live-action, Montreal escape game where you’re in charge of solving mysteries to escape from tricky situations and figure out the complicated plot before time runs out.

Fear not, you can bring along your friends or co-workers to become your very own “Watson“. Sherlock Holmes fans, you know what that means.


We know you’re curious as to how it works so here’s a breakdown of the four options you can choose from:

Dynamic Duo: A 20-minute game for two players. You will be handcuffed and imprisoned by the enemy and will have to act quickly to escape, as your captors will be returning in 20 minutes to begin their interrogation. This is easy fun where no puzzles, no lockboxes,0 and no strange formulas will need to be deciphered.

The Study: A 60-minute game for 2 to 4 players. You will be trapped in a room where you will rally with your team to solve puzzles scattered throughout to escape. Warning: At first glance this game will seem impossible, don’t give up too easily.

The Trap: A 60-minute hybrid game for 3 to 5 players. This room is all about investigating a crime scene with twists and turns at every corner. This is an adventure game, which means escaping isn’t the goal; you’ll need to solve the crime in order to complete the game.

Project X: A 60-90 Minute game for 4-8 players. This is the big daddy of them all. Here you will channel your inner spy using your ingenuity to stay out of sight from patrolling guards, hack custom made electronic security systems, disable cameras, and use high-tech gear to look around corners to achieve your goals. Your team will be split in two but you’ll meet along the way to cooperate.

So for your next work outing or interactive date night, gather the troops and try something out of the ordinary with a Montreal escape game. Claustrophobics need not apply.