Channel Your Inner Bond at the YAD 007 Gala

Ready to take on your best 007 or Bond girl? There’s no better time and place than at the third annual YAD Gala. On Saturday, November 16th the swanky Loft Hotel in Downtown Montreal will play host to secret agents and femme fatales as the Montreal Jewish community comes together to raise money for CJA’s annual fundraising campaign.

The event will take place at the glitzy and chic LOFT Hotel where guests will be treated to Bond-inspired cocktails, glamorous decor, a real life Casino Royal to really get you in the mood, and mysterious entertainment that will be revealed only if you’re there.

To get more insight on YAD, this year’s gala, and what Montreal’s young professionals can expect this Saturday, we caught up with notable YAD Campaign Chair Steve Sebag:

How did YAD come about?
Approximately 20 years ago, the leadership of Federation CJA (Combined Jewish Appeal) realized that too many young people were leaving the city. In an attempt to try to stop “the bleeding,” many focus groups were held and the top four things that would keep people in Montreal (jobs, entrepreneurship opportunities, networking, social activities) were addressed with the creation of the ProMontreal department. Three years ago, in order to rebrand the department and to show that we succeeded in not having to convince as many people to stay, we switched the name to YAD Montreal.

For those that aren’t familiar, what does YAD do?
YAD Montreal is the young adult division of Federation CJA. Through a host of exciting activities and meaningful initiatives, YAD offers social, educational and business networking programming for the under 40 age group. We also address leadership development to ensure we have amazing leaders for tomorrow.

What do you think is the single most important thing about YAD?
YAD Montreal provides opportunities for young adults (25-40) to step up and make a difference in the Montreal Jewish and non-Jewish community. Proceeds from YAD Montreal events and fundraising campaigns provide relief to the community’s most vulnerable members while supporting initiatives that contribute to a more vibrant Montreal Jewish community.

Last year you had the Mad Men Gala; how did the Bond theme come about for this year?
We had already done the roaring 20s in 2011, the 2012 theme addressed the late 50s and early 60s, and we couldn’t picture a room full of neon (80s weren’t going to cut it).  So the decision was to hold a gala that would be extremely glamorous and sophisticated and that transcends time, so when someone mentioned Bond it clearly became the winner.

What can guests expect?

 The gala will treat guests to Bond-inspired cocktails (shaken or stirred), sleek décor, a real life Casino Royale, and top-secret entertainment. 

Where are the funds raised being allocated to?
All funds go to support Federation CJA’s annual fundraising campaign. In partnership with a network of agencies and organizations, CJA builds and sustains this community by providing leadership and by supporting the delivery of services and programs to care for the vulnerable. Federation CJA attempts to provide a bright and vibrant Jewish future, represent and defend communal interests, and positively affect issues in the wider society.