Celebrities Love This Bracelet That’s Already Raised More Than $4M for Charity

After learning that his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Steven Izen, a college freshman, realized the necessity of staying balanced through life’s most challenging times.

In response to this difficult period, he created Lokai, a bracelet that mirrors life’s constant changes, with ups and downs and highs and lows.

Every bracelet has a white bead filled with water from Mount Everest, which reminds you to stay humble. There’s also one black bead filled with mud from the Dead Sea, which reminds you to stay hopeful. Together, these two beads represent the highest and lowest points on earth and inspire you to live a balanced life.

The bracelet sells for $18 a pop, but it’s worth every penny, as a portion of each purchase will be given to a charity. In three short years, Lokai has raised over $4 million for five different charities due to the company’s popular social media presence and celebrity support.

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Lokai has so far created bracelets to represent Charity Water, the World Wildlife Fun, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Save the Children, and the Alzheimer’s Association. The bracelets have been gracing the wrists of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, Kendall Jenner, Joe Jonas and *NSYNC’s Lance Bass, to name a few.

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Aside from Lokai’s celebrity appeal, the brand has generated a huge Instagram following with more than 1.4 million followers who make up a majority of the company’s posted content. This is just another example of how social media can be a catalyst for successful business.

“It’s a very millennial take on how to change the world and how to give back,” says Lokai’s 25-year-old founder.

Izen says in the future the company plans to grow beyond bracelets and create a collection of digital and experimental products.

If you’re interested in supporting this worthy cause, you can purchase a bracelet here.