Celebrating the Rev Award Finalists – Pioneers of Sustainability in Toronto

Toronto’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit is on full display as we celebrate the top 17 finalists of the inaugural Rev Award. This prestigious accolade is a collaboration between Notable Life and the City of Toronto through its Live Green Toronto program. The REV Award celebrates businesses taking meaningful steps to reduce their environmental impact. We hope that telling your green story and sharing your success will encourage others to take action. With a $10,000 grant at stake, these finalists have embraced sustainability and woven it into the very fabric of their operations. Join us in celebrating the inspiring stories of these trailblazers, wishing them luck as we eagerly anticipate the winner announcement on December 11th.

Photo by Emefa Kuadey

1. Israella Kobla

Israella Kobla is redefining women’s fashion with a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Their mission? To allow women to embrace their style without compromising on environmental consciousness.

Photo by Unboxed Market

2. Unboxed Market

At Unboxed Market, Michelle Genttner and Luis Martins are revolutionizing grocery shopping. This zero-waste store is a testament to their journey from farm life and international experiences to creating a sustainable shopping haven.

Photo by Jef Edwards

3. Scavenger

Scavenger, an upcoming restaurant in Toronto, is setting a new standard for sustainable dining. They’re poised to significantly impact the culinary world with a focus on local ingredients and a minimal environmental footprint.

Photo by Sherise Cromwell

4. Inherit Eco

Inherit Eco is crafting a sustainable future for children’s fashion. Their approach to design marries practical minimalism with a commitment to the planet, ensuring their garments are both durable and eco-friendly.

Photo by Nikki Self

5. Saponetti

Saponetti is reimagining everyday essentials with sustainability at its core. Their model of refillable, returnable containers delivered via zero-emission vehicles is a game-changer in reducing packaging waste.

Photo by Alex Bergquist

6. Seed to Surf

Seed to Surf is transforming the plant-based seafood industry. Their innovative approach celebrates vegetables in their full glory, offering a sustainable and flavorful alternative to traditional seafood.

Photo by Riya Aggarwal (left) & Karan Singh (right)


SEAPAX is a beacon of change in the fashion industry, offering sustainable packaging solutions that challenge the status quo of plastic waste in clothing packaging.

Photo by Shayan Nedaei

8. Habituwell

Habituwell is revolutionizing holistic health with its flagship product, Imm-UNITY. Their approach goes beyond supplements, advocating for a unified view of health and wellness.

Photo by Karma Co-op

9. Karma Co-op

Karma Co-op, Toronto’s member-owned cooperative grocery store, is more than just a shopping destination. It’s a community enterprise deeply committed to sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Photo by Hui Ming, Hoe

10. ElerGreen

ElerGreen is a Greentech startup making waves with its innovative technology. Their electrochemical reactor transforms waste into valuable resources, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Photo by Julian Bentivegna

11. Ten Restaurant

Ten is a testament to resilience and sustainability. This vegetable-forward restaurant has navigated the challenges of the pandemic while staying true to its eco-conscious ethos.

Photo by Will Poho

12. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is redefining luxury outerwear with vegan alternatives. Their commitment to cruelty-free, sustainable fashion is setting new standards in the industry.

Photo by Layla Dabir

13. Mumello

Mumello is empowering women’s health through education. Their holistic approach spans various healthcare practices, focusing on expectant and new mothers.

Photo by Devlyn Van Loon

14. Devlyn Van Loon

Devlyn Van Loon is crafting sustainable and modern essentials for everyday life. Their commitment to ethical sourcing and minimal waste production is reshaping the fashion narrative.

Photo by Jessie Da Silva

15. Jessie Da Silva

Jessie Da Silva is creating dreamy, sustainable womenswear. This Canadian label is a blend of ethical design and global retail, showcasing sustainability in high fashion.

Photo by Ricardo Rambal

16. Robbie

Robbie stands out in the restoration industry with its unique blend of expertise, technology, and strong partnerships. They’re redefining industry standards with a focus on sustainability.

Photo by Now & Later TO

17. Now & Later TO

Now & Later TO is more than just an Espresso bar. It’s a forward-thinking establishment that blends the love for coffee, wine, and sustainability.

As we await the announcement of the Rev Award winner, let’s celebrate the incredible achievements of these 17 finalists. Their dedication to sustainability is not just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to our planet and future generations. To each of these inspiring entrepreneurs, we wish you the best of luck. Your efforts are not just shaping your businesses; they’re helping shape a more sustainable Toronto.

The 2023 Notable Awards are proudly brought to you by the City of Toronto through its Live Green Toronto program.