CBC Reporter Gets On-Air Kiss at Music Festival, Files Complaint to RCMP

What one young festival-goer must have thought would be just a harmless prank has turned into calls of sexual assault and an RCMP investigation.

The still-unidentified man – teen? child? – made a brazen cameo on CBC reporter Megan Batchelor’s segment during this past weekend’s Squamish Valley Music Festival and grazed her cheek with his lips before vanishing into the horizon to undoubtedly high-five his bros and skol the festival’s remaining Red Bull supply.

Thankfully, he did not complement the gesture with a ‘FHRITP’. (Google that if you must).

Batchelor reported with a good-natured “people having a great time here” on air but has since filed a report to the RCMP and said she’s “rattled” about the incident.

“Now there’s that extra thought in my head that this could happen again,” she said, adding that she feels this “is a problem that is affecting too many of [her] colleagues – which is definitely true.  The CBC has subsequently launched a quasi-manhunt asking people who might know the affectionate lad to come forward and contact police directly.

The internet, meanwhile, has responded with resounding support for Batchelor:

You can now feel better about any kisses that might have went awry over the weekend.