Catch Up on the YEDailys You May Have Missed

It’s Labour Day, and we thought it a great time to help you catch up on all the YEs you might have missed. There are few people who put in more time at the daily grind than young professionals, and young entrepreneurs are no exception. Check out the past few profiles you might have overlooked… David Gross
Finding success in any industry as a startup is a challenge riddled with long hours and lots of competition, but in the fashion world, the ante is upped and the stakes higher. When David Gross – along with business partner and childhood friend David Caplan – launched, they didn’t know their product would take flight so quickly. Find out about Montreal-based Dolbeau’s insane success in David Gross’ Grey Goose Notable profile.

MRS. Bridal Boutique: Michelle Gunn and Kelly Power
These two lovely ladies recently opened MRS. Bridal Boutique, one of Toronto’s most elegant bridal shoppes in the prestigious Yorkville area. Find out why these 27-year-olds decided to head into business in their YEDaily profile.

BassBus: Gareth Rider, Joel Ferguson, and Baran Faber
This savvy trio launched the BassBus – a mobile arts venue in a converted 72-seat school bus – just over a month ago, and have already had an impact on Calgary’s arts and culture scene. Check out how they got inspired to start the BassBus in their YEDaily profile.

Haute Classics: Stella Kim and Jina Han
This trendy twosome opened up their Haute Classics boutique in Toronto after the success of their online store, which sells gently-used designer consignment clothing. Find out why they went into the fashion sales world in their YEDaily profile.

Heth PR: Shannon Heth
Publicists recently won (can you call it winning?) the distinction of having the second most stressful job. But if you’re smart and savvy, like Shannon Heth, you can make it through and exude confidence and sophistication. Find out more about this Vancouver-based public relations powerhouse in her YEDaily profile.