Carmen Electra Talks Charity, Her New Album and What’s in Her Fridge

Carmen Electra graced the walls of countless bedrooms in the younger days of most young professionals (YPS). Whether you remember her from Playboy, Baywatch or simply as Dennis Rodman’s one time wife…she was a fixture bombshell in pop culture. And apparently she is still is, with an energetic, youthful new album scheduled for release later this year. We caught up with Electra on the red carpet at Friday’s motionball Gala, where she joined Paul Etherington as co-host and performed a song from the upcoming album. Electra stunned in a black dress (and an accompanying black fur jacket held by her publicist), proving that she is still very much that knockout we all shamelessly know and love… and that 40 (well, 41) is indeed the new 30. She let us in on everything from her new album to her charity involvement and what’s always in her fridge.

What are you most looking forward to this evening?

I think just the music and the crowd. I hear this is the fun party to be at, so I am looking forward to it. I also heard it was free drinks (laughs). I don’t really drink that much but, um, I may have one tonight to celebrate the cause and the $4-million dollars it has raised so far.

What can we expect from your performance?

I am going to perform my new single, which is called “Werq,” spelled W.E.R.Q. We have been in heavy rehearsals working on it, so hopefully that is a lot of fun, with a lot of energy. The music I am doing now is very electronic, pop-ish, and involves a ton of dancing and high energy. Hopefully, we’ll get everyone dancing.

Speaking of high energy, how do you keep your energy going after what has surely been a long day like today when you need to hit the stage and deliver this high-energy show? Any go-tos?

M&M’s. Honestly, tons of M&M’s. I get really nervous before a show so I kind of go into a little zone, but once you step out on stage you just have to go for it. It’s been fun, and has been an incredible learning experience for me. When I was asked to do this particular show, it was very meaningful to me because if the cause and the initiative and I am going to go out there and give it all I have, and hopefully put on a great show.

It is definitely a great cause. Do you support any other charities?

I do. I have been apart of a lot of different charities but the ones that hit home to me are various causes that benefit hospices because of my mom and her battle with brain cancer. They really took care of her through the last stages of her life to take her out of pain, so I have given a lot back to the hospice. I also co-founded a charity called Head to Hollywood for brain tumour survivors, which basically makes wishes come true. We live in Hollywood, so we know the best hair stylists, makeup artists and people who make amazing wigs. Obviously, almost everyone wanted to go to American Idol, so we were at American Idol almost once a week and it was so inspiring to see people enjoy that, especially kids. It breaks your heart because they have not even had a chance to fully live, but they are true fighters. They have so much strength. I slightly sprained my ankle in dance rehearsals for this show and I was kind of complaining and whining about it and I just had to step back and think about what is real and what is nothing. It’s going to heal and it is going to be fine, so I am going to go out there and do my best and hopefully we are going to raise a lot more money.

We are looking forward to it. One last thing…what is always in your fridge?

I am a snacker. I have a thing for snacks. I have a sugar addiction, so a lot of bakery goods.  I like takeout and go out for dinner more often than not, so there may be a few takeout boxes in there in any given day. I love sushi, pizza….

Stop it. That’s just not fair…

I eat healthy, I do. But with getting the shows together and all the dancing…people don’t realize that you dance almost 8 hours a day and you are not even thinking about it because we have fun and are like a little family. So that helps. During the breaks I have to watch it though and between the shows I kind of slow down on the sweets a bit.

Well, you look great. Thanks, Carmen!

Electra joined Etherington on stage moments later for the opening remarks, before she got the photo-snapping crowd moving as hoped with her high-energy performance. Find out what else went down at motionball ThreeSixtyFive here.


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