#CareerGoals: DJ Killa Kels

Not only is Killa Kels a phenomenal DJ, she’s one badass woman.

Toronto-based DJ, Killa Kels is killing the music game. Djing worldwide, we had the chance to sit down with Killa Kels and learn about all that goes into DJing and how she got here!

How did you get into DJing?
I got into DJing by doing a lot of researching, as well as hitting up DJs that inspired me. I also applied for DJ classes and private lessons from some of the mentors I still have today.

What kind of online classes or resources?
There is a resource called Scratch Lab which offers private lessons with another DJ, as well as applied to The Remix Project in 2014, which took me through a nine-month program.

Tell us what you do day to day and if it’s different than the general conscious of what a DJ does?
People don’t realize the amount of homework that goes into DJing. When I show up to a gig I have to have the most current music, make sure that my set is organized, that my computer is organized, and that I am knowledgeable about the songs I am playing and the format. There is so much organization that goes into DJing.

How does this career feed into your overall notable life career goals?
DJing fulfils my life goals because I get to do things like travel, connect with people that I may have never met if I wasn’t DJing and I get to do something I am completely passionate about. If I wasn’t doing that I would definitely be unhappy.

What type of person is suited for DJing? What are the first steps to get into it?
I think you have to be very driven to be a DJ, there are a lot of obstacles you aren’t told about when you first start and that you end up facing throughout your career. If you are thinking about getting into DJing I would say to first do your research, whether that’s on equipment, skills or the music you would like to spin. From there, it’s all about practice.

Three tips for being successful in this career?
You have to be driven and open to criticism, as well as have a very social personality.

Lastly, why do you love what you do?
I love what I do because I love seeing the expression of peoples faces when they hear a song they haven’t heard for a long time or if it brings them to a point in their life they maybe forgot about. I love seeing the satisfaction and the fun people have from what I am doing!

You can connect with Killa on Instagram and check out her upcoming shows!