#CareerGoals: 102.1 The Edge Morning Show Hosts, Ruby and Alex Carr

Brother-sister duo, Ruby and Alex Carr, grace the radio wave streams each morning on 102.1 The Edge Morning Show with their comical take on the world – making that morning commute a bit more bearable!

What does being on the radio look like day to day?

Alex: That’s a really good question, still trying to figure that out myself! We go in, we tell our stories we talk about your stories, we hear from you. We get to do fun stuff every day! In a very simple sense, we just talk in between songs, but I would say our goal, for the people in their cars who are a little frustrated with the traffic, is to do whatever we can so they hopefully forget about the traffic. Maybe they get a laugh, or even they might say, this guy sucks! Either way, they aren’t thinking about the traffic.

How did you get into this?

Ruby: There is actually something called radio school. After I went to school, I started volunteering at a radio station, eventually going on air and from there did every job until I made it to this one!

Alex: I was working in Alberta doing all kinds of different jobs. She was working in radio and it seemed super easy! Turns out, it actually was that easy!

Ruby: Alex actually said to me, if it was this easy for you, it’s going to be way easier for me. The funny thing was he’s not wrong. It has all worked out!

What makes your job career goals?

Ruby: I love what we get to do because we get to hang out with each other every day, I don’t know many people who get to say that. We finally convinced someone to pay us to talk for a living.

Alex: For me, I had so many jobs and I also had the mindset that I couldn’t wait for the week to be over and it was just about money. Now, I am actually genuinely excited and have a fun job, I’m not sad on Sunday knowing I have to go into work the next day. That makes life so much easier – when you aren’t just waiting for Friday or some sort of payday or vacation, you love each day!

What are some exciting things you get to do?

 Ruby: It is a little bit different everyday. We get to interview artists. We got to play with a flame thrower the second week on the job and we actually lit an old dress of mine, it was really satisfying. Earlier today, we got to complete an obstacle course – the type of stuff I would usually pay to go to! Every day is different.

How does this career feed into your overall life goals?

Ruby: This feeds into my overall life goals because I want to enjoy what I am doing. That’s one of those things that is really easy to say but hard to achieve. It can kind of lead to anything which is exciting.

Alex: It’s super fun right now, I love making people happy. The plan is to slowly make that Ryan Seacrest money, eventually, think about opening a YMCA, put it somewhere where people need a Y, retire and open up a bakery. EASY!

How does someone get into this career?

Alex: Radio school is a real thing! We both went to radio school at different times – Ruby was in Nova Scotia I was in Alberta. That said, if you are worried about school, you don’t have to go to get where we are today. You can always go to any radio station, apply, they’ll likely put you on the street team, from there, you can muscle your way up to whatever you want to achieve.

What type of personality is suited for this career?

Ruby: I think most people assume you have to be super outgoing if you want to be in radio but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. I have met so many different types of personalities. I think if you have something to say and you are curious about the world then this is for you. Creativity helps too. If you are a creative person this is for you. You can make your own opportunities.

What are three tips for being successful in this career?

  1. Alex:

1. Work hard
2. Be open to moving
3. Be creative

Tell us a secret about your job?

Ruby: People ask us that all the time! Because we are siblings, we tend to get into siblings shenanigans. Alex hides in the studio everyday.  How he’s found so many places to hide in one studio I don’t know. But he hides, jumps out at me and scares me everyday. You think I would be used to it by now!

Anything exciting coming up?

We always have really cool contests coming up to the point where we think “what! I want that!” so look out for those.

You can catch Ruby and Alex on 102.1 the Edge weekday mornings from 5:30-10am and follow them on instagram at @rubyjcarr and @alexjcarr.