Cancel Your Mannequin Order: There’s an App to Deal With the Pan Am HOV Lanes

If you’re a Toronto driver, then you’ve probably experienced a few more swear word-filled drives than usual lately.

That, of course, is because the Pan Am Games have hit the city in a major way – and they don’t even start until next Friday. Despite the worse-than-usual traffic (if that’s even possible), the biggest complaint of drivers is the dreaded HOV lanes, which are now in full effect.

You can only occupy these lanes if you have an additional two people in your car.

Before you go scrambling to make confusing arrangements with co-workers when it comes to the dreaded commute, or order a few blow-up dolls or mannequins to occupy the passenger seat, you may want to download BlancRide.

That’s right, there’s a new mobile app that allows drivers to connect with passengers who are looking for carpool options. It coordinates rides for people who are already travelling along the same route – making for a faster and less maddening drive along the DVP or other major routes.

The app will live on after the athletes have returned home, too. It makes sense when it comes to the environment, your finances, and your sanity.

Plus, you never know who you could meet.