Canadians Pay the Most in the World for Mobile Data

You’ve probably been sensing it for years, but it’s now official: Canada is the most expensive country in the world to have a mobile data plan.

Swedish telecom consultancy Tefficient conducted a survey comparing the monthly cost of wireless service to mobile data usage and came up with the chart below (via Imgur).

mobile data

What you see all the way on the right over there is a country where Bell, Rogers and the like rake in $60 per month per mobile subscriber. That’s compared to less than $21 per month per subscriber for our neighbours to the south, who use twice as much data.

The Finnish are having a hell of a time on their phones, using over 7GB of data for the price of a coffee per month.

It’s a painful chart for Canadians, made worse only by scanning the Reddit comments on the matter.

“Where I’m at right now I’m getting 36GB (without monthly expiration) for €20,” writes one, while another boasts about getting 15GB for three euros in Latvia.

Hope you’re reading this on Wi-Fi.

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