Canadians Are Ditching Cable TV Six Times Faster Than a Year Ago

Most rational human beings would pick a vastly superior option over something that sucks when presented with a choice.

Especially when that superior option is cheaper, more flexible, and on the Internet.

Recent research by Ottawa-based Boon Dog Professional Services reveals that Canadians are ditching cable television subscriptions at a rate six times faster than last year. Around 113,000 subscribers opted out of their commitment with the country’s publicly-traded broadcasters in the first half of their fiscal year compared to just 19,200 in the same period last year. Rogers alone lost 73,000 subscribers.

This makes a lot of sense, of course, because cable TV has essentially zero redeeming qualities. Any conversation with friends or on online comment boards will reveal a passionate dissatisfaction with bundled cable package that are getting more expensive and only marginally more flexible.

The shift is unsurprisingly the result of changing viewing habits as people increasingly tune into streaming services like Netflix, CraveTV and Shomi. TV providers that did see an increase in subscribers – Bell and Telus – can largely attribute this growth to their internet TV services like Fibe and Optik TV, respectively.

Interest in internet TV, however, has is close to reaching a plateau and still pales in comparison to Netflix, for which 5.8 million Canadians are subscribed.

There’s a reason no one says “I’m staying in tonight with a bottle of wine and cable TV.”