Nova Scotia Vegan Spends Hundreds of Dollars on Massive Lobster, Sets it Free

A vegan activist has given a massive 23-pound, four-foot-long lobster a new lease on life.

After the lobster – which could be a century old – was caught in the Bay of Fundy, it was bought by a vegan activist and returned alive to its home.

The lobster, dubbed “King Louie,” was caught by a fisherman in St. Martins, N.B.

The lobster was then transported to Alma Lobster Shop in southern New Brunswick.

“For a lobster to be 23 pounds and to be that large, there was nothing else that was going to be a predator — except man,” said Catherine MacDonald, co-owner of the Alma Lobster Shop, according to The Canadian Press.


23-pound lobster

Photo: Catherine Macdonald/The Canadian Press

To put its insane size into perspective, MacDonald says that a three-pound lobster –which is already so large that most people haven’t seen one – was as big as King Louie’s claw.

The lobster was purchased for $230 by a Nova Scotia vegan, who requested it be returned back to the ocean.

After being released in the Bay of Fundy on Tuesday, King Louie is probably back living it up, where life is better “down where it’s wetter” (as delicious as he would have been to eat in a few dozen lobster rolls for the non-vegan set).


Believe it or not, he actually isn’t the largest lobster to grace the Alma Lobster Shop. That honour goes to the 26-pounder that’s mounted on the shop wall.

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