Canadian Teen Burns All Bridges in Job-Quitting Rebellion of the Year

Sometimes you just have to go out with bridges ablaze in your wake.

That’s the route Alberta teen Jackson Racicot took when he brazenly terminated himself from the Grand Prairie Walmart over the store’s intercom.

Moments after handing in his resignation letter, Racicot took control over the in-store speaker system to let colleagues and customers alike know how he feels about his employer.

“Attention all shoppers, associates and management. I would like to say, to all of you today, that nobody should work here. Ever,” he began. The rest you’ll just have to watch for yourself:

How I quit my job today. Like, must watch. I also ran out a fire door. Y’all should share this around lol

Posted by Jackson Racicot on Thursday, December 6, 2018

Now, you might think this is an unwise and petty way to go about your dissatisfaction at work. But Walmart has a pretty substandard track record when it comes to employee relations, and the kid’s 17, so he has plenty of time to learn the art of passive aggressive workplace conduct.

Perhaps most satisfying of all, young Jackson walked outta there to a round of applause and woos from those in attendance.