This Canadian Startup is the Tinder for Golfers

We don’t have to tell you that there are many benefits to taking up golf.

Not only is it a way to spend a good chunk of the day outdoors, it’s an opportunity to be active, and to make valuable business deals with clients and prospective clients in the process.

While traditionally a white male-dominated sport, the demographics of the traditional Canadian golfer are changing as more women, children and new Canadians begin to discover their short game.

While these new golfers aren’t all country club members with standing tee times each week, they are looking for partners to hit the green with – and ones who aren’t so skilled that they’ll embarrass them to the point that they retire their clubs before they get any use.

That’s why a new Canadian startup hopes to solve this problem.


Basically Tinder for beginner golfers, is a location-based social discovery service that connects people with comparable skill levels using their location and profile information.

Registered members will have access to the company’s PGA of Canada golf professionals, who will answer your questions and provide tips to improve your game.

The company is an overdue initiative to make room for new golfers on the green. So, if you’re looking to take up golf, this could be your best bet. Not to mention, you never know what personal and professional connections you’ll make.

They say some of the best networking happens on the golf course, after all. Who needs Tinder?